Web Team

Who And What Is The Web Team?

When we started up here at MCC we never really expected to need a team of geeks and nerds to co-ordinate things digitally for us. Of course, we still don’t have that since everyone in the Web Team is hugely attractive, has excellent social skills and loves adventure sports. It has come as a delightful surprise that as we tried to develop a community that was authentic and real in the care and love it showed to each other, a whole set of technologies were developed that helped us to do that.

So the Web Team at MCC co-ordinates as best they can, the digital side of our community life. Through the website, Facebook, Twitter, weekly emails and other communications, you might well describe us as the very high-tech version of the people who used to change the slides on the over-head projector. If you are inclined towards programming or handy with Adobe software or just addicted to gadgets and want to make some MCC apps available, come talk to us. Think of it this way: we’re nerds, so we’re likely to be quite friendly.WEBTEAM