Prayer Support Team

The MCC prayer support team understands prayer to be an ongoing  conversation with God for all who would seek an intimacy with Him.

By arranging a variety of prayer opportunities, the prayer support team hopes to help our members to nurture their relationship with God and care for others by bringing their needs to Him, sure in the knowledge that He listens and understands all that we ask.

“Our house will be a house of prayer for all nations” Isaiah 56:7

Opportunities For Prayer

Prayer Meeting

There is a weekly prayer meeting held as part of our wider commitment to worship here at MCC. This time of prayer focuses on those we support as a church, the needs and plans of MCC, other local churches and current issues in our local and national community. Contact us for more details about time and location.

Prayer Chain

The Prayer ‘chain’ is made up of a group of people who are willing to pray for the needs of others. If you need a body of people to pray for a concern of yours, or to thank God with you for answered prayer, then just contact the prayer chain. Your requests for prayer will be treated confidentiality. To put a request on the chain ring or text: Kenny Morrison: 087-7917714

Prayer Ministry

On Sunday after the worship service there will always be two people who are available to pray with you. This will be announced at the end of the worship time and will take place in a designated classroom. 

Small Prayer Groups

Some of the people who attend Maynooth Community church are part of small prayer groups consisting of 3 – 4 people. These are groups in which you can get to know each other really well, support each other and pray for each other. The group decides how often they would like to meet. Existing groups vary from meeting once a week to once every couple of months. If you are interested in becoming part of one of these groups please contact the following:
Women’s groups: Ines Mitchel – 087-9186524
Men’s groups: Kenny Morrison – 087 7917714

Prayer Gatherings

There are prayer gatherings throughout the year which are a chance for the whole congregation to get together to pray for specific issues. These will be announced well in advance and all are welcome.

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