A Prayer for all those impacted by Covid-19

Lord, in your mercy you healed those suffering in body, mind, and spirit. We cry out to you now on behalf of those infected by the coronavirus. Heal the sick and bind up the broken-hearted who grieve those felled by this illness.


As both infection and fear spread, we ask for courage and protection for healthcare workers risking their own well-being for the sake of others. We pray wisdom for government officials and those in decision-making positions. May they rightly discern what needs to be done to treat those already infected and prevent others from falling sick.


We know there are those in quarantine, afraid they might be exposed to illness, wondering when they will return to their normal lives, and anxious about what might happen next. Comfort them with your peace that passes understanding and grant them patience during this liminal and frightening season.


Lord of all, we are intimately connected to one another no matter where we reside on the earth, and so we plead for healing, good healthcare, relief and wholeness for our siblings in all the places where this virus has made its appearance. May our collective care, effort, resources, and love bring an end to this epidemic. Amen.


by Jill Duffield