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Waiting for Pentecost

Waiting for Pentecost – Acts 2:1-8 The Origins of Pentecost The origin of Pentecost lies in the ancient Hebrew festival of Shavuot (pronounced sha–vo-ott), or Feast of Weeks. (Shavuot is the Hebrew word for ‘weeks.’) It is one of Israel’s three ‘solemn’ feasts – along with Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles.  Shavuot was the […]

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WDOP Reflection by Alison King

A Candle is lit. As we now walk towards the joy of the Easter sunrise, perhaps you remember the advent candle lit not so long ago, these very traditions reminding us that life is always made up of seasons? I have one friend who always lights a candle when she eats as a reminder that […]

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Lenten Reflections: Week 2  – Be still and know that I am God
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Lenten Reflections: Week 2 – Be still and know that I am God

Those who have never been to the Judean wilderness can only guess at the circumstances of Jesus’ forty days there. I have only experienced the Outback of Australia. Truly the silence is intense and added to the lack of food Jesus’ senses must have been razor sharp. Silence has a unique quality in our relationship […]

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Lenten Reflections: Week 1 – Ideas for the journey through Lent

Ask the Lord what He might have us “do” or indeed “not do” for his season. Less of a giving up “something” as such, and more of a being mindful of our actions, thoughts and words. Be purposeful in putting God first, not only in the mornings but all day long… ”Evening, night time and […]

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A Christian Approach to Suffering

The problem of suffering and evil in our world is not a Christian problem.  It is something everyone has to wrestle with whether they believe in Jesus or not.  What is uniquely Christian is how we, as his followers, are equipped to understand and approach the suffering and evil we encounter. There are 5 basic […]

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The Path of a Prayer

The song “From a distance” by Nanci Griffith has a stanza and chorus that goes: From a distance, the world looks blue and green And the snow capped mountains white From a distance, the ocean meets the stream And the eagle takes to flight God is watching us, God is watching us God is watching […]

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Marilynne Robinson on Christian Culture

Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Marilynne Robinson recently travelled to St. Patricks College, Maynooth to deliver a message on Christian Culture. If you happened to miss out on the night, you can listen to it by clicking on her name here: Marilynne Robinson in St Patrick’s This is a deep reflection, well worth the time listening […]

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The Business of Prayer

Here is that lovely quote on prayer that Alison used in her prayers on Sunday. It is from David Roper’s Seeing God. “Prayer, whatever else it may be, is not calling God’s attention to things He’s not aware of, nor is it urging Him to do His duty. No, its rather a conversation in which […]

MCC Arts Festival 2013
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MCC Arts Festival 2013

On Friday 26th July MCC ventured once again onto the Square in Maynooth for our 2013 Arts Festival. This year’s theme was “Wonder” and, as always, our folks produced all kinds of beautiful, moving and fun artwork for our community to enjoy. Bolstered by our Encounter interns Kate, Bria and Courtney, and led by our […]

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General Assembly 2013
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General Assembly 2013

From 3rd-6th June this year our General Assembly convened beneath blue skies in the wonderful venue of the Millennium Forum, Derry. The Assembly usually meets in Church House in Belfast but because Derry is this year’s UK city of Culture it was decided to move us all there instead. The move was even more appropriate […]

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