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Lenten Reflections: Week 1 – Ideas for the journey through Lent

  • Ask the Lord what He might have us “do” or indeed “not do” for his season.
  • Less of a giving up “something” as such, and more of a being mindful of our actions, thoughts and words.
  • Be purposeful in putting God first, not only in the mornings but all day long… ”Evening, night time and morning will I cry to thee” Psalm 55.
  •  Maybe once a week, choose a verse, or a thankful phrase to say every time you turn on the kettle for a “cuppa”- hold and ponder the thought while you drink your drink and then saying it again when you cup is empty.
  •  Write out a verse for a week, and place it on your bathroom mirror, so that every time you visit during the day, you also pause and gather some truth afresh into your soul.
  • Be more mindful of praying before you make, or answer a phone call, a text or email.
  •  Take the time at the end of each day to be thankful for just three things, ways you have been blessed, in and during that day.
  • Decide, no matter what, to be compete still at least once a day. No speaking at, or to God, no reading, no writing, just being still in His presence accepting for just those moments His unconditional love for you, just where you are in that moment.
  • Once a week pick someone outside your “safe” and normal circle to reach out to and bless. A purposeful reaching out, with no thought of any reward or return.
  • Make a conscious decision to look at those around, you those closest to you to see how you can encourage them in some way.
  • Just once a week, if not more often, fast from a favourite TV show, or beverage, or perhaps even a meal and spend that time in prayer.
  •  Allow yourself to be blessed in some new way- to explore something new, walk along a different path, or in a different place, go see a movie, read a different type of book to your normal, and as you do ask God to show His love for you in a new way.
  • Read the same passage of scripture, preferably out aloud, for several days, and allow truths to sink into your soul.
  • While we will most likely not do all of the above, if we could be purposeful, choose to be blessed, in doing even one, then perhaps in being blessed during the Lenten season, we could then bless others too.
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